Thursday, April 16, 2009

Man over Matter

Kisses that send shivers up and down my spine. Passion session that defy nature and make a mockery of time. A touch that drives me insane. The way he screams my name. The coy way he asks. The manish way he demands. He is cheif of my village, I am under his command. The way he throws me around and always completes the pass. The way I bounce to the rythym of the beat he makes smacking my ass. The way he makes me tingle from head to toe. The way he puts it down, like he's puttin on a show. The way he plays in my hair no matter how short. We have five hour sessions, like full time work. It's the way he can hit the spot I didn't know I had. It's knowing this freak is not just kinky but a truly amazing man. It's his intellect and his creativity, that cause orgasm after orgasm to erupt from me. And he whatever he wants to do, I'll try. Because of the way he holds me close and the way he looks in my eyes. The way he kisses me without shame all up and in between my thighs. The sweet taste of his spunk. Oh he's a winner, yep yep he's the one. It's his hands so strong and yet all the while so soft. My man aint like yours, he know how to break me off. Stip tease and we dancin it off. We set it off and get in off, busting em off. He stays up, we play rough. A tender touch from the stoke of a rock. Our pornos are like infernos...1,ooo degrees past hot. How hard it is. How good it is. How sweet it is, how messy we get. I hear the squishy sounds he forces my body to make. It's amazing this love we share, this future we create. When we relate its like paradise. Proposing in different positions to make me your wife. Makes me cum all that much harder when you tell me I wanna marry you. Just fucking increadible. No man is touchin you. You are uncomparable. No other lover could be mentioned in the same breath as you. The realm, the room, the planet we're on. Never had a love that felt so strong. It feels like May. Like violins in a symphony. They way you slide over my heart strings and slip deeper into me. The melody we become. Its a movement a rhythym. A dancing to a tune that is all our own. It's the way he suckles my breast and sings me love songs. You slut me out, I smut you out. You scream I shout. His height and his stature. His width and gurth. It's amazing, this love, can move mountain and shatter earth. He drinks from me and I swallow him whole. He's my slut and Im his hoe. We break beds and scratch walls. With this love, I promise my all. It's not reason, it's romance. And you would do it too given half the chance.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


When I am sad. She gives me a laughter that makes my belly ache and my cheeks hurt. When my confidence is shaky. she reminds I stand on the highest pedestal. When I am broken. She makes the moves to uplift and rebuild. When my will is weak & I just can't go on. She knows just what to play...knows just what to say 2 right the wrongs. She stands up 4 me when I'm in no mood 2 fight. In my darkest hour. She is the sweetest light. It amazes me at times. The strength of love. a friend like that. a blessing from above.
We compose hyms 2 our Saviors. Write letters to lovers. But when do we ever go beyond Hallmark or egreetings 2 express to our friends how grateful we are to have them? My bestie and I rarely fight....but there's nothing like a war of the roses to remind you just how much u appreciate the ones closest to you. like a flower, any relationship or friendship takes tenderness & nurturing in order 2 flourish. should u prick ur finger on a thorn...the beauty still remains. u admire the blossom as a whole entity....not the fact u just got pricked. anyway, i digress. I'm just writing bc we all need 2 remember our real friends. the ones you used 2 bathe w. the ones who forged all your absent notes. the one u used to shoplift w. the one u experimented w. the one u used to sit outside the club and drink w bc yall were 2 young or 2 broke 2 drink inside. The 1 who knows ALLL your business & has been so nice not 2 air ur dirty laundry. the one who enourages your swag...reconizes your potential when you've forgotten u have it. the ones who knows your a star & forces you 2 see inside yourself where others can't. the 1 who knows despite your carefree ways...that all your life you've been soft.
I been tellin my circle of friends just how much they mean 2 me. over the past month a few heart 2 hearts have been had. but like most, i neglected the person closest me. didn't tell her what she means. so I dropped these couple lines as a shout out....let my scribes be a reminder. I love you, my sister, my bestfriend forever.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

two new journals aren't enough to hold all my thouhts of u. aren't enough words n the world to express just how much my love is true

teardrops. collect n my tea cup. cryin so hard for u. I begin to hicup. youre so far. I breathe u in so deep I begin to choke. I wanna scream. but the screams get lost n my throat. I rep u on my blog and n my facebook notes. the pages in my journals overflow. dying nside. can't live w/o you. hopin 2 eahother we will always be true. bein yours is all I wanna do. can't jog it away or walk it out. I'm n so much pain, just wanna scream and shout. I sob real loud & weep. blow my nose get myself together. REPEAT. defeated. by the evils of chance. In your arms I wanna dance. To the songs u sing to me. 4evr urs I will always b. We just ridin on love. Just livin our dreams. You showed me what real love means. I understand this is how it has to be. Doesn't make it any easier so hurry back to me. ur lovin is decadent. the seperation is hell sent. leaves the trail of bitter tears. if I say I love u 1000 times will the wind let you hear. will it carry my missing you across the sky to ur heart. we turned love from makin to an art. a sport. I'm ur lil quarter back ya ya dig. bc u all dat n the sack ya ya dig. be so more than honored to mother ur kids. I can't wait. ur love is a gift & u eat me n the most sensatiable ways. long enouh r never the days. we spend laughn & playin between the sheets. so good we only surface 2 eat. u live n me. 4 u I breathe. I'm pluckin pebbles n the river. peddles on the breeze. blowin kisses from here to Richmond on Springs eve. its like ur doin a bid w no chance of parole. I said it while we were kiddin but its no joke. I WILL WAIT FOR U. a princess n a tower. time is a dragon. come slay the monster. release me from this curse. w/o u I'm trapped n disturbia. ima spend this time gettn ready 4 u. makin it mo betta 4 u. my heart is yours. my words are true. I'm fittin to run away w u.spend my minutes pleasin u in so many ways. grantin ur every wish 4 the rest of ur days. even n the afterlife u'll be amazed. its all bc u love me so well....leaves me in a daze. under this spell shall we always remain.

One Black Rose One Red Rose. Two belly button rings

Dew drops at the tips of leaves and grass. I'm on the 50 yard line but can't complete the pass. Suspended in midthrust. u were pulled away from me and I'm just ridin on trust. the sun attempts to warm the chill on the air. I shut the blinds. see no sun when ur not here. The candles flicker and oils burn. a bath scolds but I can't find warmth. joy escapes me and sorrow remains. no pill or potion will do. my missin you, its an uncurable pain. Music plays and I hear not a single sound. a love like ours, others have never found. nor will some ever find. it breaks the laws of the continuim...nature it defies. Lost at sea, off to war. I stand in a window. wishing on a star. This is my message in a bottle. My smoke signal. My courier pigeon. This is my vow. my pledge of allegiance. I will wait til the skies turn green and the seas dry. I will wait for u love as memories haunt my mind. distance is an illusion. I can bend space and time. I can move water and make mountains fall. without u at my wings. I'm flyin no where at all. I'm achored, weighed and measured. Found wanting you. A fairytale I'm addicted to. I'm your number one fan, your biggest cheerleader. I've always wanted a man whose not just a soilder but a leader. you're not just any man. you are the protoype. you're a one to one, original design. classic make and model. u got my pulse racing...heart at full throttle. wanderin at full speed. lost and alone... u found me. Ur the essence of I like dawn and dew drops at the end of leaves. our love is beauty like butterfly wings. love it when to me you sing. No other man can be what you are...a dream come true...walkin poetry. No other can cause a shiver like the way you make me. I gotta go...i miss u so. all I do these days is sleep. I can't have u n my arms so of you I can dream.

So Good

Tall, strong and warm. Know just what to say. Sings me songs. Love Lullabies in my ear. He is all I c and its so crystal clear. Even when we were closer than close and ur deep inside. soft baritones u coo while u stare n my eyes. Makes the temperature rise. and instructs me to make it rain. We countin em out 1, 2, 20. Can't no other rank or compete. With the sinfully delicous ways u put it on me. kissin me from my head to my feet. and back up in between. wastes not one drop from ur naughty queen. tell me to mount the the throne that is ur face. compliments me on the smell, says he even craves my taste. double shots of orgams. straight up. no chaser. he loves me on top. says I ride like a winner. 1st place jockey. ride it til his eyes roll back and my name he screams. bend, twist, flip...smack smack. sweat drippin. we gigglin...make it messy. yeh just like dat. like the world is shakin. oops that's my legs. like the earth is quakin..oops just bumped ur head. agaist the wall. I'm climbin. diggin my nails in ur back. tryin to draw blood and u nasty. u like it like dat. we leavin hickies and war wounds...wearing the badges of our passion proudly n the streets. He's my Leonitus and I his Spartan queen. I make sure my head game trumps the tongue tricks he uses to tickle me. see this just how we roll. he's my own private slut. I'm his personal star stripper. we makin love amoung the stars. I'm his venus he's my big dipper. we do it for days on end. he's my lover and my bestfriend. He makes me happy and so without further delay. ima wrap this up and get back to thinkin of all these new ways. I should. keep givin him the kinda lovin onlya woman like myself could.

Dreamy World

From opposite ends. He was begining. She was the end. Cocked & ready, could not miss his aim. The stage was set. Lights, curtains, let's play. His approach was sweet. intentions so pure. he was cocky. about him she wasn't sure. another heatache she couldn't take. he convinced her she would nvr b replaced. she giggled her way. thru their 1st encounter. he was so smart, grounded and tender. he was a rekindlin spark to her dying ember. he delivered a love beyond any picture she could create. he was so enamoured and despite her attempts she grew the same. he held her close. erased her fears. told he was here to worship her and keep her near. she couldn't love him enough 4 that. he possesed all the others lacked. he would show her time and time again. a connection like theirs would never ever end. This was meant to last a lifetime and this is where it beins.

Monday, March 23, 2009

I Sat Up

I sit up late at night. Talkin to God. I tell him my secrets even though he can read my heart. I give offerings and he gives me serenity. I give him my all bc when I have nothin at all...he still blesses me. I tell him jokes, tell others he's my homie. when I'm at my lowest of the low and I'm really afraid. I see one set of footprints and I know I will be ok. I sit up late at night talkin to God and even though sleep escapes me. I know he is the light no other beacon can be. he is father time and mother earth. he is my shepard...i shall not want. The battle is not I will forge on. Continue to fight. Rage at night but sweetest joy n the morn. no weapon formed against me shall prosper. he is my rod and staff. I simply want to touch the hem of his bathed n his laugh. drenched in His love. walkin His stride. I praise him n front of man so he will spare me n front of his Father. He is the alpha, the almighty, and omega. no matter what u call him, to something greater than urself bow. I am his instrament and I can't explain how. but I see his gifts, past and present...then and now. I ask Him y bout my past and what about my future. I dance w him in the car and cry to him in the shower. He made me the 5th element. the ninth wonder. I am all that He is...mans supreme power. Although its darker than its ever been. I don't know how itll work out, can't predict this end. I am His art. I'm as his tool. He is the leader of my free world. despite my sins his word is principle. no matter what I learn or where I turn. No matter the sin I drench myself in. I sit and talk to God. He is always there to wipe the tears. He is always there to listen.